Sunday, September 20, 2015

55 Years Later - The Movie: Spielberg and Hanks do Strangers on a Bridge

In keeping with publication tradition, particularly in 1960, the highly acclaimed work Strangers on a Bridge was listed as written by James B. Donovan, principal character in the work. In fact, the book was ghostwritten by Bard E. Lindeman, who travelled to Donovan's office at the end of each work day in the high powered law firm, and proceeded to conduct hundreds of hours of in person interviews. Having collected all the essential facts in person, Lindeman then wrote what would eventually, approximately 55 years later, go on to be a major cinema release starring Tom Hanks, produced by Steven Spielberg. From the inside pages of credits, from the 1960 Simon & Schuster publication of Strangers on a Bridge:

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